Friday, April 30, 2010

On Lukas Ridgeston

So writes JC Adams about Lukas Ridgeston: "Lukas’ eyes shimmer with the warmth of the Mediterranean. I’ve met all kinds of skin stars at all levels of fame but very few possess that kind of bewitching aura. Kevin Williams had it; so did Drew Andrews. I only met Joey Stefano once, but you could feel that erotic mojo around him like a force field. You realize it’s not just beauty that makes a porn performer into a porn star, but something ineffably magnetic, an “It” factor that cements their legend"

I was lucky: I met Joey more than once. I met Kevin more than once. In fact, I worked with Joey twice. And that 'erotic mojo' was so strong I can't forget about it some 16 years later. Ditto for Lukas: so magnetic, so charismatic, I inevitably turn into a shy school girl whenever I'm around him (photo ©

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