Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ettore & Philippe

I love it when two hot guys flip-flop: roles are shattered, expectations are played with. All the more when the top switching role is hunky Ettore and the bottom drilling him is super twink Philippe Delvaux. Who knew?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Philippe Delvaux

19... but not as innocent as he looks. Philippe takes his porn career seriously: he has already worked for several studios (both American and European) and amassed quite a library of videos. Yet his verve and enthusiasm remain untarnished.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sicilian jock Luca M

Yes, Luca M is yet another hot Sicilian to land an audition. But the real news here isn't Luca's sausage: it's the director behind it.
Stella's directing debut is assured and promising: we're thrilled to welcome her and look forward to many more of her castings. Cheers,

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sky TV about LucasKazan

"Business of Sex: Film Hard" debuted yesterday on Sky (Current TV). Directed by Alberto D'Onofrio and produced by Alessandra Ugolini for DNA Int./Sky, it's a 30' docu filmed this past October on the Ceglie Messapica set. Alberto and Alessandra spent a couple of days with cast/crew, went behind the scenes, interviewed Jean Franko, Jordan Fox, Alex Magnum, Federico D'Angelo, Ettore Tosi and yours truly. I haven't seen the end result, but the filmmakers had agreed to stay clear of the many stereotypes and to seriously document our work. Have they lived up to their promise? Has their docu helped legitimize what we do (all the more in Italy)? Has it back fired, as many other docus before? Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

On Kristen Bjorn

"In his maturity as a director", writes Onan the Vulgarian, "he has become the master of his domain, a prime mover, and a grand architect". I've always thought of Kristen Bjorn as the sculptor of gay porn: his inspiration is predominantly 'plastic', as much as George Duroy's is often lyric. However I find Onan's review more euristically fertile than mine: indeed Kristen 'sculpts' the male form with the vigor of a Michelangelo. But he also composes the naked bodies in relation to the space they inhabit --like an architect would. Not a 'decorative' relation, but a deeper, more meaningful, sexually charged relation.


Rough/Tender is (finally) out on DVD. My first directing credit after a long hiatus (one year and a half, in fact). There's no question in my mind that the DVD market is at death's door. Question is: how long will it stay alive? Likewise, I have no doubt that production values will be back in fashion --eventually. In the early 2000s, amateur porn felt fresh, different, more attuned to the web 'revolution'. A new generation of consumers was brainwashed into equating amateur sex with 'real' sex. Big mistake: because 'amateur' sex is often no less staged and choreographed than the old studios'. Just poorly lit, --for the most part-- conceived, blocked, edited...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Daniele Montana

Why did Daniele 'retire'? In a short interview we taped on October 12th, Daniele so explains: "I found my soul mate. And wanted to start afresh with him". We wish him good luck, but we've seen the same story unfold time and again: older fan meets young porn star (as a porn star), falls in love and demands the porn star give up his job. If you ask me, there's a fundamental lack of respect in this dynamic. And without respect and mutual trust...

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Gregory Verdoes

Where does DNA magazine find these gems? Time and again... Take a close look at cover model Gregory Verdoes and tell me he doesn't belong in your porn collection!

More of Brandon

More of Brandon Lewis, upon everyone's request. I don't like to talk about a shoot before it's in the can ('per scaramanzia', I'd say in Italian). But I can tell you Brandon will fly to Las Vegas from Atlanta on March 22nd and will be paired with a hot partner the following day. Ettore Tosi will be at hand to help me (and the boys). Let's hope for a better weather than today...

Friday, March 05, 2010

When in Milan on Youtube

Extended G-rated trailer on Youtube. Milan was fun. And different: we abandoned the 'pastoral' settings we've often favored and went for an urban feel. And what more 'urban' than a gay store? The owners of Pier Open Space gave us carte blanche: we invaded the bookstore, the reception area, the dressing rooms... And flooded the bathroom (Giuseppe's enema, you see...)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

When in Milan

On October 10th, I had arranged for Daniele Montana, Ettore Tosi, Giuseppe Pardi, Matthias Vannelli to perform at the "Tropicana" in Milan. I thought of killing two birds with one stone, extended cast and crew's stay for 2 more nights, filmed Giuseppe sightseeing on Sunday afternoon and a full scene on Monday. At the Pier Open Space, Milan's gay store. A few happy customers joined us for the wrap party later that night... good times!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis follows into the steps of Corey Summers, some 10 years after Across the Ocean And becomes our fourth US model --the first one in the last decade. His predecessors? Derek Cameron in 1997 ("Journey to Italy") and Jake Andrews in 1998 ("Desire"). I have no doubt he'll do just as well. I mean, look at that All-American smile... Brandon is scheduled to fly in to Las Vegas from Georgia. Courtesy of Fabscout. Stay tuned for more details.