Saturday, October 15, 2016

Brute Club

A candid interview and a photoshoot, both taped right after his Hustlaball win for Best Newcomer, tell much more about this 24 year old British top than his porn name. Yes, Brute Club is self-confident. Yes, his 8 inch "club" is impressive. But so is his b-side is and you'll soon discover something less "menacing" about his personality. Introverted, almost shy at times. Find all about Brute, and more, at LucasKazan

Thursday, October 06, 2016


Alex Magnum is back at LucasKazan, with another sexy model to draw and another bubble butt to ram. And when that butt is Robbie Rojo's ... "Great chemistry between these two hunks", says director Ettore Tosi. "And a perfect match: Italian/Spanish; hung top/power bottom... hardly any directing necessary!" Watch SKETCHES P2 at LucasKazan

Saturday, October 01, 2016

2017 Cybersocket Web Awards

Grateful for (and humbled by) our 4 Cybersocket nominations: Best European Site, Best Video Site, Best Mobile Site, Best Niche. Cast your vote here for Best European Site: while we can’t compete with bigger and richer sites for Best Video, we may have a shot at Best European… (LucasKazan first went live in 2000. Membership site debuted in May 2006, well over a decade ago). But only with your help.    GRAZIE, THANK YOU, GRACIAS, MERCI, DANKE, OBRIGADO…