Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jordan Fox on Youtube

More of Jordan on Youtube. I don't know about you, but that French accent sounds sooo sexy. Jean Franko just wrote in and reminded everyone he's in the video too.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jordan Fox

Hung, sexy... French. Jordan Fox is well traveled, well read and so at ease before the camera, one wonders if he was born with it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Roberto Giorgio

What ever happened to Roberto? Arguably the most handsome (and the most popular) amongst the Hungarian stars. We 'clicked' on the set of Love and Lust: I was impressed with his charisma and his professionalism, he liked the way we worked. We did a few more movies together: in fact, in the last few years, Roberto has worked exclusively for us. Then, all of a sudden, he dropped out of the porn biz. I hear he was dumped by his girlfriend and started using (again). Other sources tell me he landed a fabulous job and is now making more money than he ever did on the set. Regardless. The body of his video work is impressive --with BelAmi, with PacificSun, with KristenBjorn. And still available for everyone to enjoy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Michael Lewis on Tetu. Glossy magazines, like Tetu and DNA, are the stuff dreams are made of: oftentimes more titillating than porn fare

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Contest I

Help us mold our tag lines. Every week we'll offer one sentence for you to complete: e-mail us your ideas (to the address on the right). The best idea will win you a 1 week membership to Free. Here's this week's tag line:

Live Cams

Logged on FalconXXX yesterday night and paid for my first Live Show. Erik Rhodes did a good job --he's articulate, engaging, quick on his feet, ever hard. However, I couldn't help thinking: how does this kind of shows REALLY work? On paper, you get to 'interact' with your object of desire (along with 40 other users): you get to ask a few questions and to collect a few answers. In reality, you get a grainy picture, a couch, a webcam, a poorly lit j.o. And the idiocy of comments such as: "you're so beautiful" and "I'd fuck that ass if you were here"... Talking about 'interacting'. Porn as I discovered it in my teens was a fantasy world of beautiful men doing wondrous things. A live cam? it didn't get me to dream. In fact, it didn't get me hard, nor remotely interested. The dullness of its reality got the best of me within 2 minutes. Imagine the same j.o. as 'pre-recorded content': well lit, well shot, showcasing Erik's body from the best vantage points. What am I missing?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jean Franko

In 2007, Jean was awarded the GayVN Trophy for Best Foreign Actor for The School for Lovers. A win he repeated in 2008, with The Men I Wanted. Jean Franko's good looks, his furry chest and strong, 'macho' persona made him popular with fans all over the world. Check out his new fan site

Friday, February 19, 2010


Manolo, Cristian and Marco are this week's applicants. They ended up in our "Loose Ends" series, for one problem or the other:
Cristian couldn't get hard (but his blue eyes were well worth our time); Marco needed a tan. Manolo? Find out

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Todd Sanfield on the cover of DNA. The Australian magazine never fails to grab my attention. Happy anniversary!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My little tribute to friend/mentor George Duroy. And the label that has forever changed gay porn. As printed in "Justusboys" mag,
September/October 2009

Sneak peek: Rough/Tender

A sneak peek at "Rough/Tender", coming out on dvd next month. On the cover, Alex Magnum (Italian), Jean Franko (Venezuelan) and Jordan Fox (French). All making me feel the "United Nations" of gay porn

Monday, February 15, 2010


The Free Speech Coalition announces its Anti-Piracy Action Program. Will the industry coalesce behind it? Shall we finally unite against a common threat? I readily concede it's only a first step and somewhat inadequate. But a first step nonetheless. At the same time, we MUST change the public discourse on piracy and better educate the new generations. Shows cost $$ to produce (regardless of whether they're movies, tv-shows, porn vids): the less $$ we recover, the less $$ we invest, the less gorgeous newcomers we undress. It's a vicious circle affecting everyone: cast and crew on one hand, viewers on the other.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hard Choice Awards

The 16th Annual hard Choice Awards were announced today. As always, reviewer Onan the Vulgarian helps us see the 'bigger picture' and identify trends we may not be aware of. As always, he challenges us --producers and viewers alike--: where's porn headed? In fact, what is porn today? Which needs does it answer, which journeys is it embarking upon? Kudos to Kristen Bjorn
and Strongboli for their many nods.

Italian Style

The book came out in 2008. Publisher Bruno Gmuender so describes it:

"Lucas Kazan has won a faithful group of fans the world over with his mix of romance, masculinity and a healthy dose of machismo. It’s been four long years since the publication of his first photo book TASTE OF ITALY, but the wait is finally over! Exceptional newcomers like the hot-blooded Alexy Tyler and the tasty Samuel Dolce pose along with Kazan’s "older stars" like Roberto Giorgio or Jean Franko.

ITALIAN STYLE presents the best images from the most recent Kazan productions. His photographs have a brilliant quality and showcase the beauty and splendor of Mediterranean men. Fans of concentrated sensuality, magnificent locations and opulent use of color will again be getting their money’s worth! These mid-summer days and nights are a dream, where romantic moods are in no way given short shrift alongside a pure lust for meat. Fans of concentrated sensuality, magnificent locations and opulent colors will again get everything they’re bargaining for!"

Bruce Weber

Bruce Weber for YSL. Till Youtube yanks it...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sul porno

Continuo, quando possibile, le riflessioni sul porno. Non mi interessa, come ho già scritto, la difesa d'ufficio del mio lavoro (piace/non piace). Mi interessa offrire diverse letture e diversi punti di vista sul genere (storiografici, semiotici, sociologici). E sgombrare il campo dai pre-giudizi. Pre-giudizio 1) Che cosa significa: "è SOLO un porno?" La mia generazione non aveva inernet, non aveva le discoteche, non aveva Will & Grace in tivu. Con gli 8mm prima, il VHS dopo, il porno ci ha affabulati: ha messo in scena sogni/bisogni altrove censurati. Vi pare poco? Perchè la mia sessualità l'ho scoperta, abbracciata, celebrata in un cinema porno di Francoforte. Non certo in chiesa, al liceo, al cinema (Friedkin?)

Pre-giudizio 2): che cosa significa: "E' solo sesso?". Forse che Colt, KristenBjorn, BelAmi non hanno modellato il nostro immaginario erotico e proposto nuovi paradigmi di bellezza virile? To be continued

Friday, February 12, 2010

XXXCastings: Andrè

André is 23. This hot Brazilian newcomer is attracted to masculine men, hairy men, in fact (body hair turns him on). He considers himself shy, but had no problems getting it up and showing off for the camera. And talking and talking and talking... I had to edit out half of his interview

Monday, February 08, 2010

Porno come genere audiovisivo ha pubblicato una breve intervista con il sottoscritto. Che ha risposto alle domande, come meglio ha potuto. Fra i commenti, ne isolo due. Non mi interessano i giudizi, positivi o negativi: la critica cinematografica è sempre soggettiva, figuriamoci la critica di un film 'hard' (a me piace bianco, a te piace nero...). Mi interessa invece smascherare il pre-giudizio e la cultura che lo produce. f012 scrive: "ma è solo un film porno". Hellster-stern rincara: "che messaggi vuoi trasmettere con un porno?"

Inutile ricordare la battaglia di alcuni media e di alcuni generi x conquistarsi un posto al sole. Del cinema ai suoi esordi, ad esempio. Poi della televisione. E all'interno della 'settima arte', la battaglia dei generi (seriali) vs. il cinema d'autore.
Inutile scomodare la distinzione fra arti basse e alte (basse rispetto a cosa? Alte rispetto a cosa?)

In questa sede non mi interessa la difesa d'ufficio del mio lavoro e del genere audiovisivo che bazzico (piaccia o non piaccia, ha i suoi codici). Mi interessa l'idea della sessualità che il pre-giudizio sottende: perchè mai un film che mette in scena il sesso deve avere meno dignità (espressiva) di un horror o di un video musicale o di una campagna pubblicitaria? Che cosa ci dice del modo in cui viviamo il sesso? Possiamo lamentarci delle censure della Chiesa e delle istituzioni se noi stessi siamo a disagio?

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hollywood Hard a Catania

Secondo Live Show della stagione: "Hollywood Hard a Catania". Dove? Al Codice Rosso. Chi? Alex Magnum e Federico D'Angelo che, diretti da Ettore Tosi, ripropongono la scena filmata ad ottobre in Puglia ("Master of the House").

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sui Live Shows

Questo la locandina del primo Live Show targato LucasKazan (10 ottobre al "Barbarella" di Milano). Protagonisti Daniele Montana, Giuseppe Pardi, Matthias Vannelli ed Ettore Tosi. Un successo che ci incoraggia a organizzare nuove serate. Stay tuned.

Porno Lab 2010

Piovono le domande sul PornoLab: no, non e' necessario alcun background. Se non sei un foto/video amatore, il PornoLab e' pensato anche per te, per i fan e i curiosi. Ti aspetto a giugno sulle colline toscane (le stesse di The Men I Wanted)
Click here

Friday, February 05, 2010


About time I had my own blog? So people tell me. Posts will be in English, when meant for everyone. In Italian, when relevant for Italian readers: after all, we spend most of our time in Los Angeles, but cast and film in Europe. Bear with me: it will take me a while to figure things out.


Jean Franko and Philippe Delvaux in RENTBOY