Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy B-Day, Jim

Jim Bentley is 50 today. I can't picture him anything but the blond kid in Falcon's "Splash Shots", all-American, forever young, forever sexual. I remember when I first saw him in "Tough Competition" (with Kyle Carrington) and "Getting It" (St. John's seminal orgy movie). Jim embodied the ideal of the California 'dude' --and of sexual freedom. Fast forward to the mid 90s: I was the production manager on Colbert's "Matine Idol" and Jim was scheduled for a big come back. We got to know each other, we became friends. He eventually moved in with me for a few months. To this very day, I don't know whether I fell in love with his 'baby blues' or with the IDEA of falling in love. Here I was in Hollywood, producing porn and dating the boy of my earlier fantasies... could it get any better? Happy birthday, Jim

Memorial Day Sale

30% off, till May 31st. Gotta love the art work...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

XXX Castings: Andrea Bana

Sexy, well built and popular. I thought Andrea Bana was straight. Turns out he's bi-sexual. "Did you think I was 100% straight?", Andrea asked me. "If I were, I wouldn't be here! Sure I like girls best, but if the right guy comes along..." Now, that's refreshing. All the more for an Italian jock, who isn't embarrassed to name his ass amongst his assets and to admit to putting it to good use. "Sometimes"... Any hope to see THAT on camera?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Concorso PornoLab: ultimi giorni

Ultimi giorni per abbonarti a LucasKazan.com e vincere il weekend del 4, 5 giugno sul set del PornoLab in Toscana. Ti aspettano Jean Franko, Ettore Tosi e Giuseppe Pardi

Thursday, May 13, 2010

XXX Castings: Diego Frondi

How come Sicilians seldom consider themselves Italian? Meet Diego Frondi, 100% Sicilian. But, unlike his countrymen, rather open about his sexuality... and his escorting too.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


How did I get started? --I'm often asked. Officially, as a Production Assistant for prolific director/producer Gino Colbert in '92, '93. But my introduction dates back to '91. I was attending my 1st year as a Producing Fellow at the American Film Institute Conservatory. The sound stage on campus wasn't available to my crew and I had to hunt for a cheap stage elsewhere: a friend of mine recommended Paul Pellettieri's on Adams Boulevard. I paid a visit, the rental was OK, the sets oddly familiar (I soon realized I had seen them in dozens of porn vids, both quickies and classics). I didn't know at the time that Paul was involved in the porn biz, but on the last day of our AFI shoot, I overheard him on the phone with Falcon Studios: the Mustang crew would move in that very same night, the minute we'd wrap. The Mustang crew? Would I run into them? I did... Can't remember who the 'stars' were, but I haven't forgotten the excitement and the anticipation: shook hands with production assistant Dylan Fox (a Falcon model himself, here pictured) and briefly watched his crew set things up. Paul died of AIDS in '93 and the stage forever closed its doors. If those walls could talk... (photo @ Falconstudios)

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Farewell, Giulietta Simionato

Much to everyone's surprise, a pornographer's life isn't just about... porn. Our passions, fights, friends, families imbue our filmmaking no less than the boys we film. And so allow me to remember Giulietta and pay tribute to her musical genius: so many personal memories (of Simionato and Tebaldi attending every other LaScala events in my teens), so many historical, unforgettable recordings. THANK YOU for your Azucena, thank you for your Santuzza.

Friday, May 07, 2010

The One X

Party with Jean Franko. Brussells, May 15th. Courtesy of Jean, this monthly Euro event has grown into a powerhouse. And one you can't afford to miss

Jean Franko at home

Take a tour of Jean's home in Barcelona. It doesn't often happen that we get to know the real man behind the porn star.
But Jean keeps it real: he loves the attention and works hard to nurture it. Jean's boyfriend (at the time) also makes a brief appearance. So do his (very loud) parrots.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Double Identity

Sometimes, teasing works better than throwing a huge cock on the art work. That's the case with "Double Identity": you see nothing of Alex Magnum and yet you wonder what "Magnum" stands for. Find out

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Vinci un weekend sul set

For our Italian readers. Abbonati a LucasKazan.com dal 1mo maggio al 24 maggio e vinci il weekend del 4-5 giugno sul set del PornoLab.

Il vincitore sarà estratto a sorte fra i NUOVI abbonati italiani e avrà in premio il pacchetto PornoLab (650 Eur). Che include:
• due notti in un hotel a tre stelle (camera doppia a uso singola)
• le cene di venerdì e sabato sera (con il cast e la troupe)
• dvd autografati dai modelli del PornoLab
• worskhop di video-fotografia erotica

Cosa è il PornoLab, direte? Ce lo spiega l'aiuto regista Alfio Martini: "Un weekend con la troupe e i modelli della LucasKazan nella campagna pisana (non lontano da Chianni). Ghiotta occasione per i fan di agire le fantasie, per i foto-amatori e i video-amatori di imparare i trucchi del mestiere”.

Chi sono i pornodivi? Come lavorano l’uno con l’altro? Come interagiscono con il fotografo e l’operatore? E ancora: come si realizza un servizio ‘hard’? Come si coreografa un porno? Cosa succede fra uno scatto e l'altro? Il Laboratorio prova a rispondere a queste domande, a tutti dando l’ opportunità di passare un weekend sul set e di cimentarsi con le riprese. O semplicemente di vivere un’ esperienza diversa. Partecipano i pornodivi JEAN FRANKO, GIUSEPPE PARDI, ETTORE TOSI, il produttore LUCAS KAZAN e l'aiuto-regista ALFIO MARTINI


1) abbonati a lucaskazan.com qualsiasi giorno dal 1mo maggio al 24 maggio incluso.
2) manda una e-mail a pornolab@lucaskazan.com con la scritta CONCORSO nel soggetto e il tuo username nel testo
3) attendi l'estrazione del 25 maggio. Se vinci, riceverai immediata comunicazione con i dettagli sull' hotel e la location pisana.

Per ulteriori informazioni sul PornoLab, clicca qui
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