Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hyper-masculine, ever popular Julian Vincenzo.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Behind the Scenes

What goes on a porn set? Here are two (rare) behind the scenes snap shots. One with Lucas Kazan directing Karel Rok and Martin Dejdar (check it out printed in "PORN. From Andy Warhol to XTube", published by Gmuender), the other with the cast and crew of The School for Lovers. From l to r, Jason, 2nd camera Alfio Martini, Matthias Vannelli (with the goat), Production Manager Ettore Tosi, cameraman Leonardo Rossi (blurred), Martin Dejdar, Lucas Kazan, Karel Rok, Jean Franko

Down memory lane: 2004

No reason for this update. Except... a bit of nostalgia? So many gorgeous guys in our 2004 Calendar (for Bruno Gmuender): some we lost touch with. What happened to Pietro Rosselli and Vilem Cage (top left)? What to Federico Bulsara and Victor Racek (bottom left)?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sicilian jock Rosario

20 year old Rosario embodies the 'idea' of the Italian male: tall, swarthy, green eyes, black hair and a cocky, sexy attitude. Think a younger Raoul Bova but more handsome, more muscular and much, much kinkier: Rosario admits to having one big fetish (feet) and to enjoying sex with transexuals. Considering this hunk is from Palermo, I wonder whether he means post-op transexuals or simply... transvestites. Put on a wig and find out.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

XXX Castings: Kadu

I first ran into Kadu at "The Week," Rio's trendiest, most popular club, then again at the gym in Copacabana. Lo and behold, this 23 years old works in Milan, Italy and speaks Italian just fine. More surprisingly, his very hung brother had already worked for Lucas Kazan: what are the odds, really? Try and guess who the brother is... Clues: a huge dick, a cocky smile, bedroom eyes and washboard abs. Neither brother is ready to go any further than a jerk off (yet), but I'll keep trying. Perhaps a mutual, brotherly jerk-off? Hmmm...