Friday, August 31, 2012

Behind the scenes with Ettore and Damien

Filmed in Spain's capital at the eve of GayPride, WHEN IN MADRID debuts on lucaskazan September 6th. Production took place in Chueca, Madrid's world-famous glbt district. An area smaller than West Hollywood. But jam-packed with clubs, disco-bars, cafes and... pornstars. Over a few short days, we spotted just about everyone you can think of: from Staghomme's residents
Goran and Francesco D'Macho to Italian Alex Marte and American Spencer Reed... We even ran into retired Pietro Rosselli of KristenBjorn fame, visiting from Argentina. Here's a look at Ettore Tosi and Damien Crosse in Chueca and around the 'Gran Via'.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

On porn and romance

"Men romantically connected present an incredible image", writes a fan on our Facebook page. I agree. Historically though, porn and romance have seldom mixed. While one can find a few rare exceptions as early as back in the 70s (Tom DeSimone's "The Idol", for instance), Falcon waited till 1988 for its very first love story with "Touch Me" (FVP 60). After many, many years of casual sex, predatory sex, acrobatic sex --but hardly any intimacy at all (and certainly NO kisses). "Touch Me" paved the way for the many love stories of the 90s and yet, to this very day, 'raunch' far outsells (and outnumbers) them. What is it about our fantasies that privilege casual play, abuse and gay-for-pay over a romantic connection? Yesterday it was Jeff Stryker, today it's online properties like HazeHim or SausageParty or Baitbus... Wondering...


Join us at LucasKazan , we'll mail you ROUGH/TENDER on DVD completely free. It's our way to welcome you to all things LucasKazan: more Italians, more muscles, more fun.

BelAmi magic

No reason for this post... except I looove this picture: both the beauties in the foreground (Mick, Kris, Dolph) and the lush, tropical background. The jacuzzi isn't bad either. ©BelAmiOnline

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sneak preview: WHEN IN MADRID

An exclusive sneak peek at WHEN IN MADRID. At long last, Cuban-American Damien Crosse and Italian superstar Ettore Tosi in a memorable, sweaty  flip-flop. Will Damien's  raunchy background at Staghomme and Ettore's at glam lucaskazan make for the perfect porn recipe? Find out on September 6th, when part 1 debuts on

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New download: Glenn and Lucas

Hungarian stud Glenn and Brazilian body-builder Lucas are two of the most reserved, quiet models I've worked with. But when the lights are on and cameras are rolling, they transform into powerful sex machines. Glenn is known to fans mostly as an aggressive bottom. He asked to top for a change: Lucas couldn't wait. Their scene is now downloadable --DRM free-- in the members' area. Enjoy.

Jean and Ricky

Jean Franko (from Venezuela) and Ricky Martinez (from Mexico) had a fling while in production in Southern Italy. Unbeknown to us and the rest of the crew... (I'm always the last one to find out anyhow). Their on-camera coupling was pretty hot: can you even imagine their private romp?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A hot Summer?

Here's a turquoise pool and a gorgeous behind to help you cool off at LucasKazan : can you tell whom that behind belongs to? Yes, it's Karel Rok's...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gennaro and Erik

Tall, slender Gennaro drills muscular Erik: both tall (6 feet), both hung (8 inches), these two couldn't wait to get their hands on each other. Gennaro identifies himself as straight but has zero hang-ups --he'd fuck anyone and anything. Erik is gay and 100% versatile, but we suspect he's more into bottoming. Just watch him devour Gennaro's cock with gusto!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Arthur and Edson

Check out this HOT KristenBjorn update in the members' area. Live today.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New download: The Pizza Boys

What's more fun than making pizza from scratch with your boyfriend? Hmm, fooling around with your boyfriend, while pizza is in the oven? Italian stud Daniele Montana and Giuseppe Pardi give you a taste of Italian cuisine... and Italian love-making. The Pizza Boys is now downloadable --DRM free-- in the members' area.

Male perfection: DIEGO

22 year old Diego hails from Madrid. He may very well be one of the many treasures Madrid has to offer: with abs carved in stone, a deliciously firm bubble butt and a HUGE uncut cock, this hot Spaniard is no less awesome --and certainly yummier-- than the paintings at the Museo del Prado! Shall we see more of this jock? You bet. Doing more than flexing his muscles and stroking his dick? Let's just say we're working on it...

A tribute to Erik -p2

Here's a second look at Erik's skills and sexual magnetism. Log in today and find out why this BelAmi grad is one of the most popular models still (here with All-American Derek Cameron)