Friday, June 19, 2015

Brian and Rodrigo

Musche studs Brian and Rodrigo  in today's "Casting Couch" (courtesy of our good friends at Kristen Bjorn). Now Playing

Monday, June 15, 2015

LiveShows: Fabrizio

Sicilian jock Fabrizio has been getting tons of fabulous reviews from people like you
ken_HKG on January 7, 2015:   Incredible looks, body, personality ... This young man is a god, a superstar. You'll be glad you did. I am! Don't change anything, Fabrizio. You're awesome!
ashton6637 on January 7, 2015:   one of the hottest guys on here
mathard on December 24, 2014:   a fabulous model...perfect body, great face, very sweet and easy person, very generous in pvt...a perfect Christmas gift
Log onto Fabrizio's cam today and get your own private show. Sicilian style!

Friday, June 12, 2015

XXX Castings: Sicilian jock Carmelo

Ettore Tosi has debuted hundreds of beautiful men. But 20 year old Carmelo sure stands out. His muscular build, his tan, his smile… everything about this HOT Sicilian jock is nothing short of … well… perfect. “I jerk off three or four times a day”, admits Carmelo. “If I didn’t, I’d go crazy. I mean, I’m 20: I can fuck six or seven times in a row!” Exclusively on LucasKazan

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Ettore Tosi and Jonathan in Jogos Cariocas 1

The beaches, the caipirinhas, the jocks, the sexual vibe... What's not to love about Rio de Janeiro? Leave it to superstar Ettore Tosi to discover HOT new talent and to 'break them in' --'reality' style. First up in Private Sex Files/JOGOS CARIOCAS is Brazilian newcomer Jonathan: sexy, hung, horny --like all Cariocas. Is he really 100% straight? Or is he enjoying his Italian coach's ass a little too much?