Sunday, January 02, 2011

KristenBjorn and BelAmi

Check out the second scene of this groundbreaking partnership. Manuel Rios, Sasha Chaykin and Bruno Jones in a sizzling hot three-way (KristenBjorn style).


Hermann said...

look foward to the partnership, aiv always beena gr8 fan of both of you but in bjorn's case aiv to admit he sort of became boring in his films, his release of his casting couch series though was sUPERB, the sex (and especially the kissing too) was sooo fuck'n hot and some of his models really awesome but why of why is that sex missing in his films?

Lucas Kazan said...

Dear Hermann. In my eyes, the sex is no less hot in Kristen's features. Except... it is packaged differently. Kristen's films portray sex in an 'architectural' context (and sophisticated lighting set ups) --which make it visually spellbinding. The casting couch series, on the other hand, goes for a much more casual set up.