Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Men of LucasKazan on Cybersocket

Writes Cybersocket in its EuroPorn issue (August 2011):

"Back in 1998, the gay porn industry saw the debut of a new director/producer named Lucas Kazan. Ever since, Kazan has been introducing gay porn fans to some of the world's most beautiful Mediterranean men. Along the way, Kazan has been credited with raising the bar for the entire genre of gay Euro-porn. Kazan's films have even been hailed as art, but don't let that mislead you – because his films are anything but pretentious. When it comes to making porn films, Kazan is a craftsman – and his true expertise lies in his ability to be unobtrusive. Elegant and restrained, his style focuses on presenting his performers in the best possible light without ever allowing his own ego to obstruct the hot sex. As a director, Kazan instinctively knows when to let his performers lead the action. The result is porn that feels spontaneous and honest – one of the hallmarks of Kazan's style. Another thing that sets Kazan apart is his keen understanding of eroticism. Rather than relying solely on the physical mechanics of sex to carry the energy of his scenes, Kazan elicits performances from his models that express desire and longing even before their clothes come off."

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