Wednesday, January 16, 2013

LucasKazan legends: Lucas Foz

LUCASKAZAN LEGENDS: Few actors are as aware of the camera as Lucas: he'd often suggest the most daring, quirky camera angles, or come up with a new fuck position. This Brazilian stud with a lean body and a huge 9 inch dick needs no Viagra to get it up and keep it hard for days in a row. In fact the exhausting sex he'd have on camera is hardly enough: on his days off, he'd sneak out and spend hours at the local bath houses, drilling one lucky patron after the other. Lucas went on to directing (for Private Men), demonstrating as much talent behind the camera as he has before it.

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mitch said...

wanna see a recent pic he was my favorite private star, he was hot and willing a great bottom (didin't take him as a top) and a superb kisser, greatly missed