Sunday, February 21, 2010

Live Cams

Logged on FalconXXX yesterday night and paid for my first Live Show. Erik Rhodes did a good job --he's articulate, engaging, quick on his feet, ever hard. However, I couldn't help thinking: how does this kind of shows REALLY work? On paper, you get to 'interact' with your object of desire (along with 40 other users): you get to ask a few questions and to collect a few answers. In reality, you get a grainy picture, a couch, a webcam, a poorly lit j.o. And the idiocy of comments such as: "you're so beautiful" and "I'd fuck that ass if you were here"... Talking about 'interacting'. Porn as I discovered it in my teens was a fantasy world of beautiful men doing wondrous things. A live cam? it didn't get me to dream. In fact, it didn't get me hard, nor remotely interested. The dullness of its reality got the best of me within 2 minutes. Imagine the same j.o. as 'pre-recorded content': well lit, well shot, showcasing Erik's body from the best vantage points. What am I missing?

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