Thursday, February 25, 2010

Roberto Giorgio

What ever happened to Roberto? Arguably the most handsome (and the most popular) amongst the Hungarian stars. We 'clicked' on the set of Love and Lust: I was impressed with his charisma and his professionalism, he liked the way we worked. We did a few more movies together: in fact, in the last few years, Roberto has worked exclusively for us. Then, all of a sudden, he dropped out of the porn biz. I hear he was dumped by his girlfriend and started using (again). Other sources tell me he landed a fabulous job and is now making more money than he ever did on the set. Regardless. The body of his video work is impressive --with BelAmi, with PacificSun, with KristenBjorn. And still available for everyone to enjoy.

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Bernard said...

for a straight boy he knew how to fake it really well, his bed scene with jose ganati was stupendous