Friday, April 23, 2010

Video Piracy

The Free Speech Coalition uploaded this timely, informative PSA. It is, however, an uphill battle. Consider the first immediate, idiotic comments:

"I use linux OS's all i know is free, and even if the big businesses go under, theres always amateur." And: "How are people without credit cards supposed to get porn? Steal their parent's credit card? Porn is a very important part of teenage development. Tube sites help that happen". This is what we are up against: a whole new generation that believes porn 'comes from tube sites'. Is everything online for free? What about these people's online checking accounts? Are they free also? May I withdraw $$ as I please? And so the question stands: how do we change the public discourse @ copyright and piracy (without preaching to the choir)?


Michael said...

Thank you for posting this, and for your pithy commentary.

The PSAs refer to "any kind of content" not simply "adult content," so you nailed the problem -- it's a culture-wide problem of perception, and it will be a long uphill battle. I directed these first PSAs for the FSC, an I will be doing more of them.

Lucas Kazan said...

Thank you Michael: I look forward to more PSAs, hoping they'll galvanize the community and jump-start the debate.